"Build & manage teams" - Great teams that work together

Project: Tunap Italy
Direct sales of chemical products in the automotive sector
Region: Italy
Sector: Chemicals industry


As part of a company project aimed at consolidating and building on excellent operational results, there was an urgent need to create a team out of a number of specific staff members. After the development of the sales team consisting of some 120 sales agents and managers generating a high rate of revenues per employee and a very got EBIT, the focus was shifted to the back office.
The 12 staff in diverse functions are headed up by a talented young manageress. The aim was to form a team able to meet the demands of the market but in particular meet - or better still anticipate - the expectations of the successful front office team.

Approach and learning process

It was possible to shed light on the situation based on an analysis of the annual performance reviews with the front and back office and the results of a SWOT analysis. A description was made of the individual strengths and development potential areas of staff in key positions and this was discussed in detail with them.
A mission was elaborated along with future patterns of action based on jointly defined values: this now ensures harmonious and successful collaboration throughout the whole company. The coaching and training for the front and back office was provided over a period of 16 months. In addition to several workshops and coaching sessions for field staff and management, the activities comprised three two-day workshops and several follow-up events.
Effective support from the manageress was also a key to success.


The positive, confidence-inspiring image of this SME on the market in Italy since the project was completed has secured its ongoing development for the next five years. Today personnel development is based on the learning and change process that staff went through. Some employees were replaced, in some cases new staff were recruited. Regular performance reviews are now a fixture and are highly effective.