"Let's build the future"

Project: Bosch IAM
Europe-wide corporate development with a focus on retail and sales
Region: Italy, France
Sector: Automotive


Based on a project developed by headquarters, the EUTAS mission was created to implement a new sales structure in the Italian market.
The first step was internal within the Bosch organisation itself involving 88 employees while the second step involved some 20 sales representatives and the 66 wholesalers (replacing the previous 3,200 POS), in some cases requiring subsequent development.
The aim was to restructure the entire retail network so that within three years it was possible to transfer responsibility for the complete end customer sales operation to external partners. At the same time, a network of repair workshops was set up (i.e. Bosch Car Service (BCS)) throughout the whole of Europe. Of a total of 5,000 highly qualified and certified specialist centres, 1,500 were established in Italy alone.

Approach and learning process

A fundamental concept including mission, vision, common values and action focus areas was established for the whole of Europe. Using this jointly created international basis, it was possible to initiate the personnel development project directly in the form of a kick-off event with approx. 60 staff. Prior to this event, national circumstances were established with management, setting interim goals and priorities. Work packages for the various positions were developed jointly and embedded in a project management system. In addition, the EUTAS team supported the various specialist groups in the areas of sales, marketing, customer service and aftersales by providing suitable coaching activities.
Management was subjected to ongoing supervision geared towards the specific situation in the learning process, also with the aim of consolidating the various outcomes of the working groups to form a single entity.
The international kick-off of the Bosch corporate project "Let's build the future" in Scandinavia was also organised by EUTAS in collaboration with a partner there. In order to standardise and implement the work processes as developed throughout Europe, we subsequently supported an additional analysis phase in the area of personnel development, training and coaching in collaboration with our partner PROTEMA in the defined countries.
Working step by step, this project succeeded in adapting work processes, staff and team structures as well as developing or refining competences and responsibilities.
During the entire period, an ongoing reporting system to Bosch headquarters ensured the necessary motivation to support the entire automotive retail division.


The development of the Bosch Car Service Network became visible in the market relatively quickly, not only resulting in positive image development but also an increase in sales for the selected partners. An established training program and certification by DEKRA guaranteed ongoing development.
At the same time we provided support for regionalisation of Bosch sales in Greece. As a result of this success with this Bosch subsidiary, we were commissioned with a similar assignment for the French market until restructuring of management there was complete.
The implementation period of some 3.5 years in Italy confronted us with a wide range of facets relating to change projects, enriching us with additional experience and insights. Based on this project, we were then able to support Robert Bosch Italy in establishing its own training division entitled T.E.C.