The EUTAS-Culture

Our basic premise: The progress of organisations and companies in the market is crucially dependent on individual employees and is promoted through teams

Ever since we were founded in 1992, our endeavours have been driven by an interest in and appreciation of individual people. One of our strengths lies in our capacity for analysis and our approach to the individual specialist or executive in the context of their role within a team or company. This key requirement for learning and change processes is borne out consistently in our international personnel development projects for customers in the most diverse sectors and markets. To this day, our understanding of "training" goes back to this basic premise, reaching out beyond the mere teaching of techniques or "golden rules". After all, the latter does not bring about performance-boosting intrinsic motivation and communication that is largely free of conflict. This can be achieved by breaking down mental blocks and creating a new awareness. First of all, the aim is to free up fundamental potential and promote positive development and adaptation to change.

Core competence: Implementation and support in relation to international personnel development projects involving an empathetic approach to differing cultures, mentalities and customs

We regard ourselves as a best-practice team and "external insiders" under a single brand umbrella with a common philosophy and ethic. For us, sustainable action means producing results which endure - geared towards solutions, not problems. A striking feature of our line-up of international trainers and coaches is their multicultural background. This reinforces their authenticity and therefore credibility in the various countries in which EUTAS operates. What is more, practical experience as a specialist and executive is an important admission criterion for a EUTAS partner. This is the starting point of our idea of responsibility and reliability in the development of individuals and organisations, reflecting our professional quality in development areas such as sales, marketing, communication, leadership and management. We have now been 'translating' these skills, experiences and attributes into practical development for more than 20 years.

Goal: Holistic development aimed at the value-oriented growth of organisations, companies and their protagonists in the various areas of activity

A holistic approach provides the basis for content and strategy in EUTAS projects. We always view the assignments presented to us from different perspectives - market, company, individual and society. The weighting is derived from the given situation. Our "4e" concept (Economy, Energy, Environment, Ethics) is reflected in the conception and design of the learning process. This allows us to challenge and promote young talent as well as experienced experts and executives - each at their own individual level. We also believe it is important to take a close look at identity. This applies to companies and their environment, their organisation and leadership structure, their executives and their staff. On this basis we provide effective and measurable support as a strategic partner in shaping learning and change processes, whether on a long-term basis or temporarily. Culture, behaviour and the relevant skills are the key areas of fine tuning to achieve growth in our projects.