With our European network consisting of internal trainers and coaches as well as freelancers for special topics out of the fields education, psychology, economy and humanism coordinated from the German central office, EUTAS takes on the challenge of international demands in organisational and human resources development. We support companies and institutions (NGOs et al.) operating internationally in qualifying their personnel to the highest possible level.

Against the background of a strong orientation towards the development and the integration process of europe the benefits of an international network such as this have proven themselves in practice and are being continually further developed. The following deserve particular mention:

a. The promotion of an internationally identical company or institution image as brand-name under a unifying corporate behaviour taking into account the respective country-specific characteristics.

b. With this preparation behind him, the employee as well as the manager can feel at home immediately after being transferred to another country.

c. When planning training or coaching, it is not necessary to begin again from scratch in every country. A central programme is devised which maintains a common philosophy and can be applied at a uniformly high level leaving enough room for intercultural aspects and the individuality of each respective country.

d. EUTAS covers almost every requirement, from individual coaching through to large international events.

e. An international training company is virtually forced to use the impulses of a globally active market. It is thanks to the exchange of experience associated with this that EUTAS enjoys its professional level.