Training und coaching serve to support achieving not only company goals but also societal objectives. Thus, they are part of the overall company strategy. Standards in training and coaching are defined and challenged by the needs of a company’s relevant stakeholders. Resources provided for both are a value adding investment. Consequently, the developmental effect of training and coaching needs to be measured in terms of return on investment.


All EUTAS trainers have a long track-record in management and leadership positions in various sectors of the industry. Based on our understanding of EDUCATION in the sense of lifelong learning we aim at supporting individual learners in achieving developmental objectives especially in the fields of self responsibility, creativity and behavioural change. Our interventions also intend to foster identification and commitment regarding the company. Therefore the services we provide are focused on the following key areas:

Communication and Sales

  • Customer orientated communication in sales
  • Acquisition strategies
  • Customer loyalty and customer relationship management
  • Communication in leadership
  • Convincing presentations
  • Constructive facilitation
  • Effective meetings
  • Negotiating successfully
  • Dealing with conflicts
  • Strategic and operative key account management

Leadership and Motivation

  • Integrated development of the company culture
  • Situational leadership
  • Co-operative leadership
  • Mental programming
  • Self motivation
  • Project management
  • Self and time management
  • Work-Life-Balance

Change and “Generations of Learners”

  • Achieving acceptance of change
  • Accompanying change processes
  • Increasing creativity and innovation
  • Team coaching and supervision
  • Assessment of development potential
  • The team as performance improver
  • Train-the-trainer
  • Identification, selection and development of talents and high potentials

We support you not with standard training and coaching packages but with interventions tailored to your individual needs and requirements. Based on an individual needs analysis we design development programmes jointly with our customers. Project management, reporting and evaluation as well as integrated coaching sessions are realised alongside training programmes.


EUTAS coaches are aware that one of the most difficult tasks in interpersonal communication is helping someone else to solve a problem. Different motives, the subjectivity of viewpoints, divergent communicational behaviour or particular expectations, are all aspects that can have a continuing influence on the consultation process. Based on concepts rooted in action theory such as the MTM – Munich Training Model, the EUTAS coach sees his role as accompanying and supporting a process in which he helps increase the person's awareness of his or her attitude and behaviour, allowing them to see the actual problem or decisive aspects of the problem and initiating effective measures which the coachee can accept both rationally and emotionally.