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Not just another matching platform.

EUTAS CONNECT is an online marketplace and platform for professional services in organization development and human resources development. Supply and demand of services around the vast field of transformation are matched not by a software algorithm only, but with active human support based on professional high-quality standards.

Our EUTAS core team of experienced and business-proven trustees manages and orchestrates all activities on the platform. Thus users can benefit from all the advantages the web offers without having to accept the downsides of anonymity. The team of trustees makes sure that offer and demand match perfectly.

Clients gain access to a wide group of qualified and certified specialists and interdisciplinary experts. Providers can grow their business by extending their market access and by benefiting from a well established EUTAS brand. It is a classic win-win where both sides take advantage from a skilled project pre-clarification conducted by our experienced EUTAS experts.

EUTAS CONNECT is essentially more than just another consultancy broker or agent. The active support of the matching process by European transformation specialists who are connected by a common philosophy and high quality standards serves both - clients and providers - to obtain the best possible results.

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For both - clients and providers.

In an increasingly volatile world, global industries and organizations need innovative answers to their strategic, structural, and work-related challenges. Dynamic, agile and globally connected yet dispersed work becomes more and more a common standard.

Networks and platform concepts appear to basically meet many of these challenges. But: networked organizations need an open and trustful spirit where associates are not just willing but eager to share their working styles, experiences, best practices, successes, and cultures. Where staff is empowered and leaders empower.

Success in the market evolves from the inside - digital platforms need mental bonds between their participants to be more than mere technically linked servers in the web. Having been successful in the organizational and human resource development for over 25 years, EUTAS is offering all of that.

As of 2018, we launched the digital platform and marketplace EUTAS CONNECT complementing our existing powerful network association.