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CONNECT features

Key features EUTAS CONNECT marketplace & platform

  • For clients
  • Connect access Webapp
  • Inquiry clarification and resource matching process without any fees
    • One-stop solution for transformation projects (organizational & HR development)
    • From single workshops to holistic transformation projects
    • Sourcing of EUTAS as consultancy or service provider intermediary
    • Best fit of international resources
    • EUTAS quality assurance - "human factor meets digital"
    • More benefits
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  • For providers
  • Basic membership Be in the loop
  • No membership fees
    • Information on individual transformation projects via monthly newsletter
    • Invitation to special interest events
    • Insights about EUTAS specials & communities
    • Ramp-up for premium and certified membership
    • More benefits
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  • For providers
  • Premium membership Incl. all basic features
  • 49 EUR / month plus VAT
    • Member of expert pool for international projects
    • Access to international project resources
    • Join communities of experts
    • Access and use online project management tools & collaboration platform
    • Participate in exclusive webinars & events
    • Enhance your transformational skills
    • More benefits
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