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Benefits for providers

Truly relevant projects and like-minded colleagues

Become visible and attractive on the EUTAS CONNECT online platform. Demonstrate your qualification as EUTAS Certified Transformation Master and grow with interesting projects. Recommend other excellent Transformation Masters to your clients and advance the EUTAS Transformation Approach.
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Your benefits as a qualified EUTAS provider

  • Recognition

    Be recognized by interesting clients across Europe and beyond.

  • Matching process

    Our matching process assures that project opportunities really match your profile.

  • EUTAS certified

    Our accreditation and qualification process ensures that all colleagues within the network really are professionals in their field. We all share a common understanding of a successful transformation approach.

  • Be a solution provider

    Help our clients solve complex and meaningful transformation tasks.

  • Find projects

    Find projects, complementary resources, challenges and clients that really suit your expertise.

  • Develop lasting relationships

    Develop long-term relationships with innovative clients and make a difference.

  • Share the same mindset

    Use the EUTAS platform to find project partners who share the same mindset, approach and working principles. Together provide your clients with the best service performance.

  • Connect with transformation experts

    Connect with an exclusive circle of transformation experts. Coaches, consultants, trainers striving for mastery within their fields and beyond. Just like you.

  • Join our community

    Join us in developing a common organizational transformation approach that really matters. To your clients, to yourself, to the community.