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EUTAS solutions based on complementary competencies, pertinent matching and sharing

Professional core competencies proven for many years in international projects combined with a cross-cultural setting and shape for sustainable results distinguishes the EUTAS network significantly from many other consultancies, facilitation or coaching teams. Our competencies are bundled within the “EUTAS - House of Knowledge” which is both the foundation for decision-making in our client solutions as well as a vital part of our internal qualification and certification process for high-skilled providers. We are offering these two pillars of EUTAS core competencies - Change Management and Transformation Architecture - both as integrated topics in our consulting services and as individual solution packages such as in-house seminars or workshops. Get in touch or fill in your inquiry as registered client still today and learn more about our individual solution packages for the "House of Knowledge".

House of Knowledge

Sharing knowledge & enhancing continuous learning

Our expertise and core competencies cover multiple areas of development and change

Business Fields & Markets
HR Recruitment
Sales & Communication
Project Management
Digital Transformation

EUTAS is working for large & medium-sized enterprises with multinational and cross-cultural businesses. Within these organizations, we accompany and enable executives, section managers and staff teams. Corporate internal academies and HR departments often use us as sparring partner, specialists or extended work forces.

For more than 25 years we have been active in the following industry and business sectors:

Automotive & Mobility
Building Supply & Technology
Process Industry
Finance & Incurance
IT & Telecom