Furthering the potential that lies hidden in people is one way comparable with the artist working with stone. Whether it is like sculptor creating contours from a raw or the diamond cutter producing the final shape and brilliance, training and coaching works on and evolves resources and abilities that are already there.

EUTAS transforms to the next level.
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Evolving learning organisations is a purely human matter. The key - to identify and challenge attitude, behaviour and ability.

The challenge is to bring personal attitudes and individual capabilities into line with the demands of the company and the market.

We challenge and promote both young talent and "old hands" in practically oriented learning and change processes by means of effective training and coaching phases. Geared to the individual, their role within the team and the company's standing in the market. Our self-imposed task and the standard we would wish to be judged by is our capacity to adapt our personnel development work empathetically to the various cultures and mentalities of our international customers.


Our activities are based on practical, international experience as skilled specialists and executives with an intercultural background.

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We are trainers, coaches and consultants from various countries with our own longstanding experience in positions of leadership in industry and business. We share one thing above all - a holistic and individually oriented understanding of learning and development potential in relation to personal skills and capabilities and close customer relationships.

Our areas of activity as EUTAS partners focus on interdisciplinary skills and specialist fields as relating to multinational and intercultural projects - from a vertical, discipline-based perspective in the areas of sales, service, retail, marketing and logistics, and from a horizontal, methodological perspective in leadership, communication, organisation development, team and change management.