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Operations Management

Industry 4.0 moves requirements higher

The factory for the future relies on the concepts of the fractal factory and is now able to realize with Industry 4.0 the expectations of those days - SMART Factory, Cyber-physical Systems, Big Data, Cloud Computing. Now the business processes must be adapted to the new ways. Lean management and quality standards thus take on a new meaning. The man-machine interaction must be designed in such a way that Germany as a production location and its offerings remain competitive.


Industrial revolutions

Industry 1.0

Machines with water and steam power
(end of 18th century)

Industry 2.0

Mass production based on the division of labor
(early 20th century)

Industry 3.0

Automation with electronics and IT
(early 70s of the 20th century)

Industry 4.0

Digital transformation, Cyber-Physical Systems
(since yesterday)

Modules and tools

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Lean Management Basics

Logistics Basics

Logistics Inventory management

Logistics Methods for measuring and optimizing delivery reliability

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