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Talent Management & Recruiting

If you don't take care, the employees will act

Nowadays the managers are particularly challenged, as a new generation of employees placing new demands on their work, and at the same time the tasks are constantly changing due to the VUCA world. Only satisfied and respected employees provide the necessary adaptability. Managers need to recognize their personal leadership style and learn new approaches, to introduce more agile concepts.

Leadership styles

Different management styles offer employees different degrees of freedom and thus different responsibilities.

MbE (Management by Exception)

Consistently delegate operational tasks to employees (order) and intervene when decisions need to be made

MbD (Management by Delegation)

Assign tasks with competence and responsibility (job description); control via reporting system

MbO (Management by Objectives)

Target agreement / target setting, and provision of funds set the framework for the task; control via target/actual comparison

MbR (Management by Results)

Agreements on results set tangible goals; control via target/actual comparison

MbS (Management by Self-Organization)

Vague assignment and continuous goal determination/adjustment by the team; self-management of the team towards added value and quality for customers


Modules and tools

Our offering for trainings and workshops - as single sessions and implemented in projects

Leadership - Employee development From employee to manager

Leadership - Employee evaluation Evaluate employees and provide feedback

Leadership - Difficult situations Successfully mastering difficult leadership situations

Talent management Basics

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It's about making the right use of talent.