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EUTAS roles

Partner roles EUTAS engages for transformation projects

We strive to deliver solutions that truly meet the needs of our clients. Therefore, each inquiry is first subjected to the EUTAS-specific clarification and qualification process. Our account managers, who are also members of the internal core team, contact the requesting person at short notice to clarify the actual requirements. The goal is to find the best solution for the client. The clear understanding of the goals and backgrounds of needs through personal interaction is a EUTAS commitment and key to our high quality services.

Our roles for you

What is the issue?
How we can help.
Expertise, knowledge, customer and/or market insights are missing.
Subject matter expert / consultant
Neutral, external perspective is needed.
Sparring partner
Clear target, but unclear path.
Agile change & enabling, project management
Capacity/resources are missing.
Interim management
Content needs (global) distribution.
Communication design
Seeking new ideas and innovation.
Enabling and education needed, soft skill development.
Mentoring & coaching
Hard skill development.
Finding the right partner.
Marketplace platform

This clarification helps us to deliver solutions and deploy experienced, highly qualified project teams with optimal match to our clients’ needs.