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Cultural Mindset

The social skills of managers make the difference

In business life, the focus is mostly on technical and professional issues - products, services and actions, as well as strategies and processes. Less attention is paid to the invisible elements - the abilities and convictions that work in the participants minds as mental models, the mindset. The attentive handling of hidden influencing factors prevents unwanted friction losses in day-to-day business. The actual mental models are made discussable in workshops through indirect approaches to team building and organizational development.

Mindsets have a great influence on the acceptance and commitment of the entire workforce.

  • Mindsets control and steer perception and attention, by referring to existing mindsets.
  • The mindset controls information or facts that refer to known mindsets. This information is primarily and more easily processed or demanded.
  • The mindset serves as a basis for evaluation, interpretation and expectation of information.
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If you think education is expensive, try estimating the cost of ignorance.