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House of Knowledge


Our solutions are based on our concept "House of Knowledge", which is enriched with practical knowledge and longterm expertise. We divide our solutions in two activity areas: Transformation concepts and implementation. Within each area we provide single services, such as trainings, workshops and coachings in different fields of expertise - as single or combined sessions as well as implemented in holistic transformation projects. Multilingual and for various countries. Customized to the needs of our clients.

Platform & Marketplace


Platform & Marketplace

Forming international and complementary teams for organizational development, HR development, and the management of end-to-end transformation projects. Sharing knowledge, experiences and methods. Closely listening to and carefully reflecting client inquiries and their needs before kicking-off action. Once an analog and face-to-face process, it is today still focused on personal interaction and professional quality management - but with digital support. EUTAS Connect is a sharing platform and a marketplace. Where the human factor meets digital.

European Transformation Association


We are the partner for international organizations to master cross-cultural transformation challenges - both in conventional and digital businesses.

Experienced European consultants, coaches and facilitators, linked smartly and lean in a network organization, set up project teams for clients who need support in the areas of organizational further development, HR and leadership development as well as in the management of end-to-end transformation processes.

EUTAS takes care of the optimal fit of project resources and solutions for corporate clients in need of transformation - may it be triggered by market requirements, cultural diversity, organizational behavior, human resources or strategic considerations.

"We evolve from the inside of markets, cultures, organizations and humans. Since 1992."