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EUTAS milestones - our own evolution since 1992

Change and transformation are far more than just buzzwords for EUTAS. They describe the key elements of our work and at the same time express the evolution EUTAS as an organization has gone through. The cross-cultural and multi-national approaches we pursue in many projects have always remained vivid parts of our own background and DNA.

Starting at the main asset and core of any organization - the human being.

  • EUTAS 1.0

    7 partners, 5 nations
    Strong intercultural & cooperative spirit
    One long-term cross-national project
    Development and training of sales teams

  • EUTAS 2.0

    Focus on sales & distribution development
    Additional sales consultancy in France
    Growth with projects in the European automotive industry

  • EUTAS 3.0

    Focus on training in the fields of
    communication, motivation, team

  • EUTAS 4.0

    Portfolio extension to various industries
    Focus on learning processes

  • EUTAS 5.0

    Strengthened network & enhanced service offerings
    Approach: Education, Identification, Change

  • EUTAS 6.0

    European consultancy network company
    Operation of a premium matching platform for consultancy clients & providers
    Management & support of international transformation projects