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In the sense of transformation

The work, guidance and development of organizations today is increasingly influenced by the so-called VUCA environment. Volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity force organizational systems to anchor willingness and ability to change, more flexibility and agility in their structures, processes and culture. Internal effects on working manners, attitudes, mind sets, leadership, cooperation, communication and processes are indispensable.

EUTAS supports international organizations in fostering vital transformation elements such as change competence, cross-cultural understanding, common purpose, mindset, values, context perspectives ever since. Thus, we support in organizational and HR development activities as well as in end-to-end transformation projects.

Challenges we typically face in any transformation process:


  • Pilots and individual change projects
  • Try out new things in a protected area
  • Learn in experiments by doing (failures)
  • Address observed symptoms directly
  • Repeat the known

tricky and challenging:

  • Identify the right root cause
  • Improve the system holistically and sustainably
  • Pick the optimal time for the change and enabling people
  • Adapt DNA of the company to new market requirements
  • Risk the unknown

EUTAS is living the evolution. It takes great care about humans and not only the change process.